UDC d.o.o. offers its clients superior quality and performance of Works, as confirmed by our clients. All our work is done well and in accordance with the wishes and needs of our customers, because we are aware that only satisfied customers are willing to come back.

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Smiling faces of our customers are our success!




zaključna dela v gradbeništvu

Works in Civil Engineering

performing all kind of Construction Works, execution of projects and finalization of Constructions,..


slikopleskarska dela


smoothening and impregnation of walls and ceilings, anti-nicotine coats and decorative roughcasts,..



knauf sistemi

Knauf Systems

building with Knauf syste, separated walls – plaster carbonated ceilings, bandaging of joints, setting up the angles,..


fasaderska dela

Façade Works

execution of  thermo-isolated Façades, painting of Façades, execution of different decorations, kulir plast,..


adaptacija kopalnic in kuhinj

Adaptation of bathrooms
and kitchens

demolition Works, water and electrical installation, saddling with a burden of floor and walls,..


osebno svetovanje

We also provide

Personal counsel, Cost Effectiveness Analysis, Supervision,..



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