Our basic activity is »construction of residential and non residential buildings«.


We also undertake following activities:


Knauf Systems:

  1. building with Knauf system
  2. separated walls – plaster carbonated ceilings
  3. bandaging of joints
  4. setting up the angles

Façade Works:

  1. execution of  thermo-isolated Façades
  2. painting of Façades
  3. execution of different decorations
  4. kulir plast

Adaptation of bathrooms and kitchens:

  1. demolition Works
  2. water installation Works
  3. electrical installation Works  
  4. saddling with a burden of floor and walls (ceramics, tapestry)
  5. all Glass Works

Mason Works, Carpenter Works and all other Final Works in Civil Engineering:

  1. performing all kind of Construction Works
  2. execution of projects and Construction Engineering
  3. services with construction mechanisation
  4. transport services
  5. finalization of Constructions
  6. all other activities related with goods and services transport


  1. execution of Paintworks in houses in course of Construction
  2. paintworks of interior for private and public sector
  3. smoothening of walls and ceilings
  4. impregnation of walls and ceilings
  5. removal of old paint and wallpapers and other tapestry,...
  6. anti-nicotine coats
  7. decorative roughcasts: Bavalit, Valit, Domflok, Mozaik, Špahtolata, Antica
  8. walling in windows, doors, railings, other metallic constructions
  9. painting of jutting roof

We also provide:



zaključna dela v gradbeništvu

Works in Civil Engineering

performing all kind of Construction Works, execution of projects and finalization of Constructions,..


slikopleskarska dela


smoothening and impregnation of walls and ceilings, anti-nicotine coats and decorative roughcasts,..



knauf sistemi

Knauf Systems

building with Knauf syste, separated walls – plaster carbonated ceilings, bandaging of joints, setting up the angles,..


fasaderska dela

Façade Works

execution of  thermo-isolated Façades, painting of Façades, execution of different decorations, kulir plast,..


adaptacija kopalnic in kuhinj

Adaptation of bathrooms
and kitchens

demolition Works, water and electrical installation, saddling with a burden of floor and walls,..


osebno svetovanje

We also provide

Personal counsel, Cost Effectiveness Analysis, Supervision,..



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